"What if zombies didn't eat brains?  How would people deal with their long-deceased relatives, lovers, friends, and enemies?  And how would the dead cope with the realization that life really had gone on without them?"

BILLY JUMP is an egomaniacal 80's rock star with a penchant for excessive behavior. Not the most pleasant person to be around, but deep inside he has a heart of gold and a brotherly love for his bandmates... Well, not the drummer, but the rest of them.


ALEXANDER is a lovable but clueless nice-guy who only wants to climb the corporate ladder so that he can make enough money to live the American Dream: a wife, two kids, and a house with a white picket fence. Unfortunately, his fiance' actively hates him and his boss just wants him around as a potential fall-guy for various corporate misdeeds.


VIDA is a manipulative and cunning mother-in-law who will do anything to get rid of her weak-willed daughter in-law, and to keep her son from sending her to the old-folks home.

All three die bizarre and untimely deaths. Billy Jump is electrocuted by his guitar. Alexander is accosted by a sword-wielding maniac. And Vida is mysteriously poisoned by tapioca pudding.

But then the dead begin to randomly come back to life. They donít eat brains, but they do want their old lives back. We follow the trials and tribulations of these three zombies as they try to pick up where they left off, to mixed and often hilarious results.