Horror-Movies.CA found it on Netflix and was more than pleasantly surprised at their discovery, saying "... most of these zombie comedies suck.  But every so often, there's a hidden gem in the sub-genre among all the crap.  "Livelihood" is one of those hidden gems."  They also had more to say about the acting, budget, and script, which you can read here.

Midnite Media was impressed and compared it favorably to a much larger budget film: "Livelihood was a hell of a fun ride that fans of the aforementioned American Zombie would be well advised to check out." Read the rest here.

DVD Schlock loved it! "With solid acting, great production values, nice special effects and razor-sharp writing (with a wit and intelligence that is probably second to none when compared to any indie flicks I've seen), "Livelihood" was a treat to behold and is definitely worth seeking out to watch."

Bums Corner posted their review, saying "[Graham] put together a cast of enthusiastic performers who zapped their wacky characters into vibrant life and helped turn this off-the-wall screenplay into an often hilarious romp." Read the whole review here

The Film Apocalypse gave it their "movie of the month" for August, stating that our "motley band of misfit cast and crew members manage[d] to achieve what most movies these days fail to do; they came up with an original concept for a zombie film." Read the movie review here

They also liked the MacGyver DIY Featurette so much that they gave it a separate review, saying "If you are planning to make a movie and you don't have a huge budget, you should probably buy a copy of Livelihood just for the 10 minute MacGyver DIY Filmmaking Featurette."  Read the rest of that review here.

The Chainsaw Mafia enjoyed the film saying it's "funnier than that stupid rom-com you were dragged to see last week." Read the rest of this funny review here.

Fatally Yours reviews the movie, saying "Livelihood is a solid low-budget film that delivers the laughs and will surely charm fans of zombie comedy looking for something new!" The rest of the review can be found here.

Pulp Movies offers their opinion of the film, proclaiming "Livelihood is the most original zombie film Iíve seen in a long time." Check out the rest of the review here.

Horror Yearbook has posted their review of the movie, saying it delivers, "some of the sharpest lines Iíve heard in a while. Itís a lot funnier one could ever expect."  Go here to read the rest.

A review from The Coroner's Report states that "if you are looking for something new, witty and downright hilarious, then look no further."  The rest of this great review can be found here.

The Film Fiend contributes a concise and well-written review of the film, proclaiming that "fans of heartfelt humor with a twist of oddball kookiness will surely flock to this genuinely hilarious and surprisingly competent feature." Go here to read what else they had to say.

10K Bullets loved the film, saying, "visually the look of the film far exceeds its meager budget. The cinematography looks polished and at times very stylish. On the production end of Livelihood it is impressive just how much the cast and crew accomplished despite their lack of resources." Read the rest here.

The Movies Made Me weigh in with their review. "Livelihood is an entertaining film that will certainly please those of you who enjoy a little humor mixed in with your zombie flicks and those of you who want to see a new spin on the walking dead."  You can find the entire review here.

Killer Reviews says, "It's a rare event for me to get excited about a low-budget film, but let me say "Livelihood" is everything it promises and more.  Any fan of horror comedies is going to get their fair share of laughs from this one."  Read the rest of the review here.

Rogue Cinema published the first review of the Special Edition DVD, and they loved it, saying "Every so often a movie comes around that brings something new to the zombie genre.  That's exactly what we get with Livelihood."  Read the rest of the review here.

Two great articles about our successful screenings in Lexington can be found at Rich Copley's site and at the Lexington Herald website, where Scott and Ryan are called "Indie Film Celebrities".

Microfilmmaker Magazine recently conducted an interview with the founders of Visionary Comics, the producers of the upcoming Livelihood Comic.  Another interview mentioning the comic can be found at Paperback Read.  Up-to-date information can be found at  Livelihood Production Blog, or by visiting Visionary's official website.

Microfilmmaker Magazine's  in-depth and thoughtful review of the newer, shorter cut of LIVELIHOOD.  Also, check out their wrap-up of our Lexington screenings, complete with embarrassing pictures of much of the cast and crew.

Another fair and detailed review at Microcinemascene.com.  They call the film a "comic masterpiece"!

Our listing at  IMDB.com!  The rest of the cast and crew credits will slowly update in the next few weeks as they verify all of the links to other films people have participated in.  Please vote for the film and write in good reviews!

The Bloody News' wrap-up of the October 13th screening at The Charles Theatre (right-click link and select "Save Target As" to save the PDF file to your computer).

Updated Review of the new cut of "Livelihood" at Horror Talk.

A brief mention of the film's screening at the Johns Hopkins Film Fest: "Viewers... found out what happens when Zombie horror, modern malaise, and '80s nostalgia collide in Ryan Graham's Livelihood."

Aaron Henkin interviews Ryan and Tracey Graham on WYPR's "The Signal".  Listen to the interview here (right-click and select "Save Target As" to save to your computer).

Armando Valle has posted an interview with Ryan and Tracey, as well as a review of the film at BloodyNews.com (right-click links and select "Save Target As" to save the PDF files to your computer).  Thanks to Armando for taking the time to transcribe the lengthy interview from tape, and for writing a fair review of the original cut of the film. 

We'd also like to thank W.P. Tandy from Eight-Stone Press for putting a free ad for LIVELIHOOD in "Smile Hon, You're in Baltimore".  An upcoming edition of their great zine will feature an interview with Ryan and Tracey Graham, so watch for it!